Our Story

A sweaty night out in a tight corset.

Iona had been experimenting with clothing, her first creation was a hand sewn corset. It was born out of the desire to wear a garment that enhanced her natural figure. To her surprise, people asked where it was from.

Lost without GPS

Iona had travelled 20+ countries solo at the age of nineteen but navigating garment production with no experience would leave her feeling lost. Although she had a prototype, there were many imperfections that had to be resolved.

Cats always land on their feet

After many wrong turns, scams and failures, the people closest to Iona helped her find her way. The support was multifaceted; it was as simple as saying “you’ve got this” or as complex as designing a tech pack. These deeds were not forgotten, hence Iona’s first collection pays homage to those involved; Lucy, Sophia, Madeline, Yasmin and Sue.

Look into my crystal ball

Iona hasn't figured everything out but she can say with certainty that her collections will always be an extension of herself, made for the muses in her life with a pledge to improve on all core values.

Our values


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through biodegradable packaging and continued research into methods of waste minimisation.


We personally audit each manufacturer to ensure their standards align with our vision of a safe, fair and enjoyable working environment.


We want to make products that can last you a lifetime. Our hope is that our products become vintage treasurers for future generations


We’ll always sell products at the fairest price which still allows us to exist as a business. We have a genuine desire to help everyone feel their best.


10% of all profits are donated to causes close to our heart. Check out our community page to see what we’re working on.


As we grow we want to be as inclusive as possible. Future collections are designed with this in mind. Your insights are valued, please let us know how we can be better.