Activade Pure

Brief: to reposition the Activade brand, moving away from an athlete’s energy drink. This will be kick started by launching Activade Pure the new daily drink to keep you happy, healthy and energised. Position the drink to active & health conscious women around 25-44 years old. The campaign should have a digital core, whilst producing content that can be integrated across DOOH, TV Commercials and Print.

Activade Pure - Digital Marketing proposal
Our launch of Activade Pure is designed to push the brand beyond the traditional sports drink category. Activade Pure is a drink for health conscious, urban and active female audience. By using a consistent brand umbrella across the campaign, Activade Pure will bring a positive halo effect to the rest of the range. A large focus has been placed on digital for this campaign to launch this new product successfully, whilst repositioning the Activade brand as a whole.

We aim to inspire, educate, entertain and convince consumers using a digital first strategy that results in brand awareness and increased sales.

As Activade is currently retailed in smaller convenience stores and petrol stations our brand plans will be presented to large retailers with a focus on our marketing activity for Activade Pure. This will hopefully assist retailers in stocking Activade Pure in store as well as encourage them to buy into the brand activity we are carrying out. It would be important to target express stores such as 7-Eleven for single units and larger stores for example Walmart or Kroger with multi-packs. This would then highlight the various needs of customers as they are in different environments of purchase. Sampling, point of sale and promotions will take place and supported by our digital and offline campaign activity. As brand awareness and engagement increases we hope this will reflect on retailers interest and as a result aid an increase in sales.

 Flo is a 34 year old account manager in LA. She is a hard-working mum with two kids. She wants to have a healthier, more active lifestyle. Flo has tried many different forms of exercise and diets, however has not continued with them. She likes watching clips on Youtube and stays in touch with friends via Facebook.

THINK Cara is 27 years old and lives and works in Manhattan as a data analyst. She aspires to lead a healthier life. She has searched various websites on how to do so. Cara has begun to make cleaner choices when grocery shopping, choosing healthier options in restaurants & cafés & has also started bringing her lunch to work. She is a foodie and likes instagramming her food. Cara has also decided to join her local gym.

DO Helen is 32 years old living and working in Boston. Helen spends a lot of time working out, especially running & tries to eat healthy. Helen researches online (often on her mobile on her way to / from work) what products she should be eating. Promotions & discounts also help prompt decisions as she thinks eating healthy is often more expensive.

CARE Julie is a 24 year old gym instructor in San Francisco. She has been drinking Activade Pure for two years. Julie loves hearing about new products & makes the majority of her purchases online. She enjoys learning about the benefits of Activade products & reads the Activade blog regularly for lifestyle tips.

Customer journeys & capturing the target audiences

Flo - SEE stage
This target audience needs to become aware, entertained and inspired by our content. Brand awareness will be built online through social media and search, and offline through sampling in stores, presence at events, POS marketing material and PR. Our KPIs for this stage will be to increase content reach and views.

Cara - THINK Stage
Education and inspiration will be important in capturing this audience with content. Further information will be provided on our website, and social media. Search activity will continue, along with display ads, POS and billboards. KPIs aim to increase engagement with the brand and views.

Helen - DO Stage
Helen is actively looking for products in the market to help live a healthier life. Activade content must be inspiring but most importantly it needs to be convincing, while driving purchase and conversion. Information will be provided to the customer on our website and blog, social media activity and display and search will also be important. KPIs will be to increase engagement and sales.

Julie - CARE Stage
Julie is a current customer of Activade and has made purchases on numerous occasions. Julie fits into the care stage. Customers at this stage are encouraged to be brand loyal. It is important to give a fresh perspective on the brand and promote the multi pack as a vital item on the shopping list. Brand engagement and re-sales should be achieved through our website providing blogs and reviews, search retargeting and social media.

Video content strategy
We will use Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads - Facebook’s subscription service allows up to 6 ads at one time focused on different demographics comprised of age, interest, gender etc. to Entertain and Inspire - Promote the lifestyle more than product.

One of our key influencers will be Amy Schumer, a socially active celebrity who sits within our target audience. We will also have smaller influencers as they tend to have a higher ROI.

Happy, Healthy, Energised message consistently shown through our content.

Our Plot will show the characters (in our What It Feels Like web content - see next slide)  being overwhelmed, then drinking Activade and becoming more in control, showing “What It Feels Like” to successfully achieve their goals.

  • New Mum - Flo - early 30’s
  • Getting her head around everything she needs to do in her own roundabout way.
  • Easy to relate to her and her daily adventures.

  • Good comedy value
  • Empower, inspire our audience through relatable and exaggerated everyday issues.

  • Informal tone to relate to as many people as possible.
  • comedic undertone.

Melody and Decor
Use of the Activade Pure brief colour allows us to be consistent across multiple platforms, and aid repositioning and association with the brand. Blue symbolizes water, the mind, and trustworthiness.**

Exaggerated overwhelming daily situations, which the target audience relate to. Activade Pure brings a change in mindset to feel like the situation is more positive, energised & healthy.

Video content series - What It Feels Like...
Create a mini content series to inspire and engage with our target audience, producing high-quality video which delivers high-impact and reach as part of an integrated digital campaign.

Our target audience (25-44 year old women) want digital first; like digital mum, Flo, 34. 1 in 6 digital moms watch videos to stay up-to-date, with over a third of the overall target audience confirming they watch videos online everyday*.

We have developed a narrative that builds on our audiences’ zest for life (i.e. mental and physical well-being) and will create a halo effect to the Activade brand.

Our hero content is mapped against the content matrix to entertain and inspire. Help and Hub content is positioned to convince and drive sales.

Flo: It’s Monday and she’s struggling to centre at her yoga class. Her healthy diet is boring, she’s dreaming of Mac ‘n’ Cheese. She can’t concentrate and her me time is spent racing through her to-do-list as she juggles work, kids music lessons and is reminded how bad her son is at playing the violin.

Frustrated, she falls out of tree pose and realises she has mac ‘n’ cheese in her hair.

As her class finishes, she opens her bag and has a sip of Activade Pure and feels much better. A ‘What it feels like...’graphic appears on screen, she high fives a friend in class, struts out and knows she can do it, because she is Happy, Healthy and Energised.


Search Strategy: SEM
No matter where the customer is in the purchase path, we cover all stages of the customers’ consideration by segmenting the audience:

Prospecting - new customers who never interacted with Activade’s website or social media accounts

Retargeting (RLSA) visitor - interacted with Activade’s website or social media accounts once (30 day window)

Retargeting (RLSA) loyal - interacted with Activade’s website or social media accounts multiple times (30 day window)

Based on the audiences’ intent, trending queries/keywords*, the keywords can be categorized to four main themes = Ad Groups within each campaign. Interest in all topics (except brand) have increased over time**.

To serve the most relevant answer (ad) to queries, different ad texts, ad extensions, CTAs, links and landing pages will be used depending on audience, their intent and current location - see slide for different ad scenarios. To improve the “Add rank score” - experiment with ad formats to improve quality (A/B test). Make sure each ad contains a keyword.


BRAND: activade, activate, activade drink, activade pure, activade health, best price activade

BALANCE: best health drink, mental balance, yoga drink, yoga lifestyle, lack of energy, how to stay focused, daily drink

SPORTS: best energy drink, training drink, boost energy drink, fitness drink, shape body

DIET: suppress appetite, sugar free drink, diet drink, low-calorie drink

Negative keywords (examples): energy drink dangerous, energy drink unhealthy, drink not healthy

Always include standard negative keywords (porn, facebook etc.)

*Google Keyword Planner


Search strategy: SEO
Every potential customer has a different customer journey. In the end, we want them to buy and drink Activade Pure. Since we are not a webshop, we have to carefully evaluate the role of a corporate website in the customer journey.

We will launch a special website for Activade Pure, to direct all traffic generated by our efforts directly to the right website. This website will of course contain several links to the other Activade products. This should generate a Halo effect for the entire Activade brand.

As we communicate that Activade Pure is a perfect drink for various types of activities, we must use the website to describe what the benefits of the products are. Special landing pages will be created for consumers looking for a more healthy lifestyle, special diet drinks, or health drinks that energize you.

This clear structure and specific landing pages will not only make for proper organic positions in the search engines, it will also create the perfect landing for our AdWords ads. Creating relevant pages will enhance the Quality Score, which can potentially lower our cost per click (for the paid search).

Messages on display ads varies, depending on the consumer’s phase. Nonetheless, the banner should always be:

• Compelling: Use faces, clear text, brand colors
• Concise: Make the message stick
• Clear: Make sure your message is understood

The use of display advertising to reach our target audience is best described by following our personas through where and when they can come across our ads.

See-Phase: Flo
Flo wants to cook a meal for her family. She visits her favorite cooking blog. When opening the homepage on her iMac, the blank spaces in the sidebars of the page are filled with an Activade ad: the Homepage Takeover. Below the recipe, an outstream video opens, featuring a woman rushing from work to her yoga-class whilst drinking Activade Pure. She did not know the Activade Pure-brand before.

Think-Phase: Flo
Flo looks for a healthy week-menu on a popular YouTube food-channel. A pre-roll video ad opens featuring an edit of the Activade commercial she recognizes from a downtown billboard. Next to the video is a YouTube companion-banner, she decides to click it. Later, a retargeted Facebook Carrousel-ad shows up in her timeline, mentioning all benefits of Activade Pure.

Do-Phase: Helen
Days after visiting the Activade-website, Helen is showed a retargeted 300x600 half-page ad on her desktop. The banner has a call-to-action ‘find your Activade store now’.

Care-Phase: Julie
Helen follows Activade Pure on Instagram. That day, she sees a sponsored post, inviting her to join the new Activade Pure Run this summer.

Brand Ambassadors & Collabs
Influencers hold a strong level of trust from their fan base, it’s proven their recommendations drive conversion rates as high as 40%.* Our Influencer Marketing will focus on Instagram as this is the platform of choice for women between 25-44, however we believe other platforms, Facebook and Youtube vloggers will also further our reach.**

Super Influencer:
Jen Selter: +11.3M followers. Fitness for young women tagline #strongnotskinny. Instagram endorsement showing Jen with Activade Pure to hydrate during workouts.

Amy Schumer: +6.3M followers. Young comedian trying to balance life. We’d aim to have one Instagram post, pictured with Flo, in an amusing setting.

Yogagirl: +2M followers. New mum yogi. How-to videos teaching Flo and our audience how to do a Yoga move with her kid. Including a competition to win a yoga trip to Aruba. Post on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook.

Anna Saccone: +1M followers on Youtube. A young vibrant Mom. Vlogs on positive living including benefits of Activade Pure in daily life.

Rising Star & Micro Influencers:
Clean Eating Alice: +565K followers. Fitness and foodie. Posts of her using Activade Pure for hydration on Instagram Stories.

Amelia Freer: +114K followers. Nutritionist to celebs eg. Sam Smith. Highly respected in field of nutrition. An endorsement supporting the nutritional benefits of Activade Pure.

Others include - Candice Brown: +142K followers. Mum and Baker. Madeleine Shaw: +269K followers- Mum to be and Nutrition/Fitness expert.

we have suggested brand collaborations we believe are relevant to our target audience.

*Conrad Withey, Influencer Marketing guest class: How to be Instrumental at Influencer Marketing, 27th April 2017


Integrating formats & channels
With Flo at the heart of the campaign we’ve identified how our digital first campaign will reach her at various touch-points in her day, both on and offline.

When Flo starts her day online she will engage with the brand’s hero video content through paid social media advertising on Instagram. As she travels to work she’ll see the digital OOH advertising. Then over lunch she’ll browse online for quick and healthy dinner recipes and sees the Ads.

Our integrated campaign uses digital media to reach our target our audience at optimal micro moments.

Opportunities to create DOOH campaigns that tap into the brand personality can be explored as well as extensions of the campaign to selected in store marketing and activity.

Partnerships with our strong Influencers network will help us to drive the happy, healthy, energised message.

We believe this strategy allows our ad formats and channels to work together and will be effective in reaching our target consumers as well as securing new audiences.

Using our $5M budget we have estimated costs for each channel and activation and outlined on the following slide.

Launch budget with digital core
Our proposal has a strong digital core with 86% of the budget spent on digital channels. With 95% of women in the US (25-44 - briefed target audience) using the internet as their primary source for information*, it is relevant to this campaign.

The social media budget (48%) may look huge, but we believe there is great potential in reaching and engaging with our target audiences through social. 78% of women in the US say they interact with social media at least weekly via their smartphone**. We’ll work with super influencers, such as Amy Schumer, costing around $130k per post; plus around $65k for 10-15 posts from micro influencers. The Facebook and Instagram ads are included in “Social Media”, although these are also display advertising (see budget grid).

We’ll use 13% of the budget on high quality and creative video content to generate engagement, reposition the brand and create the desired halo effect on other Activade products.

To serve the digital channels directing traffic to the Activade website, it’s critical to have a topnotch mobile-friendly website. We estimate $350k for development and website maintenance over the launch period. Other “Owned online” marketing channels (Email marketing blogging, and website) would use 8% of the total budget with “Paid search” and “Display” having similar costs.

We budget 14% for “Offline” channels, with print/billboards being the majority. We’ll also invest in PR, sampling/Store POS and podcast sponsorships.

A reasonable “launch period” could be defined to 6 months.


Evaluating a successful launch
To Conclude, Activade Pure’s integrated marketing campaign will drive awareness through memorable and recognisable content marketing delivered mainly through paid media channels, including search, social and transactional. As shown throughout the campaign it is critical to position the new product as a lifestyle choice for active, health conscious women and the created content will resonate with this audience at each moment of their customer journey and help us reach the objective of repositioning the Activade brand.  

Being predominantly digital, we will constantly be testing, measuring and optimising the campaign to make it as cost efficient as possible using platforms such as Brandwatch helping with brand perception and the overall repositioning of the Activade masterbrand.

In addition to an uplifted awareness, the extent and reach of the campaign will allow strong reach for distribution, ranging from independent shops and wholesalers to express versions of grocery stores, providing an opening to move on to the larger stores to help push the multipacks and eventually drive sales and higher consumption.

Thanks to Team 6, on Google Squared who worked with me to create this - great work guys. Thanks: Flo, Sam, Tarita, Frank, Lina, Shauna